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10:50 Redmine Help: RE: Disable/hide field
it's possible to diable the date-fields or the success-progress, but priority is not available to uncheck.
sorry, ...
Hans Maulwurf
08:14 Redmine Help: Disable/hide field
hey guys,
i try to create a new project and want to hide all unnecessary fields. I'm using redmine 2.3.2.stable.12...
Hans Maulwurf


14:42 Redmine Plugins: redmine_ssl_auth with Redmine 2.x
Hey guys,
is there a way to customize the ssl_auth plugin to make it work ...
Hans Maulwurf


22:33 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine SSL Client-certificate Authorization
any new news in ssl-auth for redmine 2.x ? Hans Maulwurf
09:57 Redmine Plugins: RE: Charts Plugin
You're talking about redmine 1.4, but simon asked for redmine 2.
Is it possible to get this charts-plugin working ...
Hans Maulwurf

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