Redmine SSL Client-certificate Authorization

Added by Egor Morozov almost 16 years ago


I need to authorize developers using client-side certificates. Redmine is running as fastcgi via Apache.

Just I don't know Ruby at all...

Could someone help resolving this problem?


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RE: Redmine SSL Client-certificate Authorization (for 2.0.3) - Added by Max Larsson almost 12 years ago

I used your plugin until recently, but now i upgraded to Redmine 2.0.3
and cannot can your plugin to work. I got at least somehow the routes.rb to work.
But that was my first lines in ruby, and everything else doesn't seem to work,
the login page isn't modified.

So anyone can help me with information about how to upgrade the plugin or point me to another
solution of using client SSL certificates for user authentication?

BTW this is my env, the redmine_helpdesk is actually the redmine_ssl_auth
plugin and the version bumped i, because we modified it.

RAILS_ENV=production script/about

Redmine version 2.0.3.stable
Ruby version 1.8.7 (i486-linux)
Rails version 3.2.6
Environment production
Database adapter MySQL
Redmine plugins:
redmine_helpdesk 0.0.2
redmine_mylyn_connector 2.8.2.stable

RE: Redmine SSL Client-certificate Authorization - Added by Hans Maulwurf almost 12 years ago

any new news in ssl-auth for redmine 2.x ?