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02:55 Redmine Defect #22695 (Closed): Revision content message is not escaped
In my commit, I have the following content:... Tom Rochette
02:53 Redmine Defect #22694 (Closed): Associated revision content is not escaped
In my commit, I have the following content:... Tom Rochette
01:48 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTo_setup_automatic_refresh_of_repositories_in_Redmine_on_commit (#29)
Add more detail about "your service key" Tom Rochette


14:03 Redmine Defect #8541: Upgrade instructions confusing
See the changes done by Etienne Massip @ Tom Rochette


13:47 Redmine Defect #8540: What's RAILS_ROOT?
RAILS_ROOT is the folder which contains all of redmine's code. When you extract the zip/tar.gz you've downloaded to a... Tom Rochette
13:32 Redmine Defect #8524: Error upgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0
I had this same error a while ago, fixed it by using some of the stuff on Might be he... Tom Rochette
13:24 Redmine Defect #8532: e-mail problem: Ruby on rail application could not started
Looks like you aren't correctly typing the stuff you put into email.yml, based on the error which is a syntax error o... Tom Rochette
13:18 Redmine Defect #8538 (Resolved): test
For tests, please use Tom Rochette
04:54 Redmine Feature #8536 (Closed): Separate notes/comments from issue updates
When there's a lot of activity going on an issue, it would be useful to be able to switch from full issue changes lis... Tom Rochette


19:09 Redmine Feature #1385: Script for import from JIRA
I had the problem previously mentionned where it would try to insert into project_trackers_unique already existing tr... Tom Rochette

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