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07:20 Redmine Feature #1011: Add voting to tickets
“Yo Dawg, I herd you like +1, so I put a +1 in your +1 so you can +1 while you +1.”
+1 for the +1 feature
Thomas Robbs
07:16 Redmine Feature #5450: Move wiki page to other project
+1 for this.
Would be useful if it were just added to the "rename" function - i.e. allow you to change the project...
Thomas Robbs


05:15 Redmine Feature #4052: Cross-project redmine links with alternate link text for source and export links.
+1 Thomas Robbs


16:26 Redmine Feature #6486: Log time for other users
Would like to see this integrated into the application. There are many times when the project leader needs tim...
Thomas Robbs


18:43 Redmine Feature #4179: Link to user in wiki syntax
Thomas Robbs


21:14 Redmine Development: RE: I want to join the Documentation Team
Your response made me smile - it's open to the public, but currently closed. :)
Is there any indication as to when...
Thomas Robbs
20:58 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How does Redmine use Redmine?
I would contribute some time towards doing the write-up. Is there someone, or some bodies :), that I can use for mat... Thomas Robbs


21:44 Redmine Development: I want to join the Documentation Team
I find myself frequenting the Redmine documentation and wanting to update it to reflect current reality or correct ty... Thomas Robbs
21:30 Redmine Patch #4274: Use Issue status for percent done
I want to use this setting, but I have to reluctantly because it affects all projects.
Can this be "fixed", such t...
Thomas Robbs
21:29 Redmine Feature #4015: Make app settings overridable at project level
+1 and +1 Matthew Burton.
It seems the burden is mainly due to the "project-y" settings being mixed with the "appl...
Thomas Robbs

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