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09:04 Redmine Help: WebRick hang/not working after a day
Dear all redminers,
My webrick always denied service after a day, therefore i have to kill the process and start it ...


09:53 Redmine Help: RE: Configuring email.yml for Blue Box Group hosting
I , on the other side also not received email notifications. I'm using my own smtp relay
The setting just like you...


11:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: cannot run redmine
Sorry guys just found out, i have installed Ruby-1.9.1.. i've read somewhere only version Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 suppor...
10:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: cannot run redmine
Now i receive this error
/opt/ruby/redmine/vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:510:in `r...
07:56 Redmine Open discussion: cannot run redmine
I'm totally new to redmine and ruby. Basically i can run simple ruby app
when i tried to run
ruby script/ser...

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