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10:53 Redmine Feature #2585: Add Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap
+1 Bishoy Medhat


13:01 Redmine Help: Redmine Low Performance (Very Slow)
I Have Faced a problem of *Low Performance* while using Version *2.1.2* Installed on +Windows Server 2003+ and Databa... Bishoy Medhat


16:25 Redmine Defect #14490 (Closed): Redmine Low Performance
*+Dear All:+*
i Have Faced a problem of Low Performance while using Version *2.1.2* Installed on Windows Server 20...
Bishoy Medhat


15:21 Redmine Feature #12577: Avoir de multiples parents pour les t√Ęches dans le GANTT
He needs an Issue to have *more than one Parent*. Bishoy Medhat
14:39 Redmine Defect #12585 (Closed): About the deleted Issues
I need the *Deleted Issues to be logged* in the Project Activity..
* +Who+ deleted it.
* +Time+ of deletion.
I n...
Bishoy Medhat
14:38 Redmine Defect #12584 (Closed): Watchers on Private Issues
+In case of private issues:+
I need the watchers to be able to see the issue even if this watcher is *neither the ...
Bishoy Medhat
11:51 Redmine Feature #12579 (New): Ability to assign issues to multiple users
+*Dear All:*+
+Kindly I need to make *"Assignee"* Combo box allow *"Multi-Selection"* because of:+

* Sometim...
Bishoy Medhat

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