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21:32 Redmine Plugins: How to translate Easy Redmine?
After installing Easy Redmine, the default languages in redmine is disabled.
The language files (.yml files) is pl...
David Brandt


20:49 Redmine Help: Redmine 1.4 - missing?
I want to try Redmine 1.4.7 (because of the many plugins avalible), instead of 2.2.2, but when I have made the ...
David Brandt
08:02 Redmine Help: Multiply Redmine installations on same server?
Is it possible to run multiply Redmine installations on same server?
Eg. Version 2.2.2, and 2.0.x?
David Brandt


13:14 Redmine Help: RE: how to show the log time in gant chart?
Would be a nice feature! David Brandt


11:49 Redmine Help: Changing identifier naming rules?
Is it possible to change the identifiers naming convension?
Actually I wouldn't mind having the DB id as identifier!
David Brandt
11:37 Redmine Feature #13063 (Closed): Make Gantt chart issues collapsible
With this feature it would be easier to get an overall view of the issues assigned to a project, or multiply projects! David Brandt


22:34 Redmine Plugins: RE: Overall gantt diagram showing all projects?
Hi Jan
Actually I found a "hack" to fulfill my needs!
I made a main project, eg "ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS" and made...
David Brandt


23:55 Redmine Help: RE: Spent time as % done
Hi again Jan :)
I see your point, but..
Wouldent it be nice to see the 5 hours make the % done go to 50, if the...
David Brandt
10:06 Redmine Help: Spent time as % done
Is it somehow possible to make logged time set percentage done on a issue?
David Brandt


11:40 Redmine Plugins: Overall gantt diagram showing all projects?
I'm quite new to Redmine, and has just got it up running.
I need a plugin that shows all projects i eg. a ov...
David Brandt

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