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19:38 Redmine Feature #36695: Add check in Redmine information page if default queue adapter is used in production
I didn't want to install Redis for Sidekiq, so went for SuckerPunch.
# @cd @ _<redmine-root>_
# @bundle add suck...
Anthony Cartmell


16:13 Redmine Feature #1151: Open Links in New-Window
Yes, if you remember you can hold down Ctrl or Shift (depending on browser) to get a new tab. But I work with lots of... Anthony Cartmell
16:08 Redmine Feature #3801: Links to external pages should get a target="_blank" attribute
For *Redmine 3*.1.3, add this to the bottom of /public/javascripts/application.js:... Anthony Cartmell


15:35 Redmine Defect #11854: Problems with thumbnails
FWIW I had this problem too, and the fix for me was that proposed by Antoine: I had to make tmp/thumbnails writeable ... Anthony Cartmell


14:39 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine and Phusion Passenger
I too have found my Passenger process running as @nobody@ instead of @apache@.
I added this line to my apache conf...
Anthony Cartmell


11:11 Redmine Feature #8817: Attachments/Plugin assets directory writable errors
Agree. I don't have any plugins, so @<redmine>/public/plugin_assets@ didn't exist. Creating this directory and making... Anthony Cartmell


13:51 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System
+1 This would be useful, as I often projects that have started off in my own Redmine later require more access and ne... Anthony Cartmell


11:53 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrade problem - another blank page issue
Fixed the problem for me too :) Anthony Cartmell
11:52 Redmine Defect #4922 (Resolved): blank page appear often when creating new issus
Found the fix, thanks to the message boards!
If running with webri...
Anthony Cartmell
11:41 Redmine Defect #4922: blank page appear often when creating new issus
Still a problem now that I've upgraded to 1.0.0.stable.3859
Opera 10.60 / FireFox 3.6.6
Ruby 1.8.6
Redmine 1.0.0...
Anthony Cartmell

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