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15:01 Redmine Feature #13141 (New): Allow subtasks to cross projects in Gantt View
Like reported on #5487 , we would like to have subtasks that belong to other projects available in Gantt View. Is is ... Erica Gallindo


04:54 Redmine Feature #11911 (New): Considering users belonging to a group in "Issues/Report/Assigned to" Visualization
When we have issues assigned to groups rather than to particular users, the report/assigned_to table only consider th... Erica Gallindo


19:29 Redmine Defect #11838: Cannot create a new forum
You are right. As I update my redmine installation every week, I must have forgotten to run migrate in one of my upda... Erica Gallindo
17:35 Redmine Defect #11838 (Closed): Cannot create a new forum
When I'm trying to create a new forum, I've got an "Internal Error"; the log file presents the following error:
Erica Gallindo
17:46 Redmine Defect #11839 (Confirmed): Text overlay when exporting issues to pdf files
I'm using a lot of custom fields in my redmine issues. A lot of them are "long text" fields. When I try to export eac... Erica Gallindo


21:45 Redmine Defect #4756: "Add Issues" permission problem
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> > but the first part is a bug report
> The user is not authorized to view issues, s...
Erica Gallindo


15:33 Redmine Defect #4756: "Add Issues" permission problem
Yes, the second part is exactly the same feature request as in #2653, but the first part is a bug report. It was a mi... Erica Gallindo
02:14 Redmine Defect #4756 (Closed): "Add Issues" permission problem
I've created a role with "Add Issues" permission enabled for issues "reporter" users. However, when a user with this ... Erica Gallindo
02:36 Redmine Feature #3706: Allow assigned_to field configuration on Issue creation by email
When I first suggest this, I wasn't aware how to use categories for this purpose. Now, I know it's possible to contro... Erica Gallindo


15:07 Redmine Defect #4613: Done ratio field isn´t displayed anymore
In fact it was just a configuration problem (my fault).
Thank you so much for the feedback.
Erica Gallindo

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