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Allow assigned_to field configuration on Issue creation by email

Added by Erica Gallindo almost 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

Email receiving
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It's already possible to fetch incoming emails and control the following attributes when creating a issue:
  • project=PROJECT identifier of the target project
  • tracker=TRACKER name of the target tracker
  • category=CATEGORY name of the target category
  • priority=PRIORITY name of the target priority

Is it possible to control the assigned_to field too? I'm already using Redmine to control a distributed development process (about a hundred users) and at this moment we need a way to register (as a Redmine issue) all the support e-mails we are receiving from external users. All these emails must be assigned to a specific Redmine user for helping our user support process.

I'm testing the trunk version (rev 2835) which already include the great job described in

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Updated by Marcin Trendota almost 15 years ago

Vote for it ;)
I would do it by myself if only i knew ruby (or have time to learn it)...

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Marcin Trendota wrote:

Vote for it ;)
I would do it by myself if only i knew ruby (or have time to learn it)...

Likewise, it would so much help setting up automated issue entry in some cases.

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Updated by Erica Gallindo over 14 years ago

When I first suggest this, I wasn't aware how to use categories for this purpose. Now, I know it's possible to control the assigned_to field using categories. When a category is created it is possible to configure a redmine user for that. Thus, simply chosing a category for an issue when its is created will automatically fill the issue "assigned_to" field with category configured user.

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Updated by Enderson Maia over 14 years ago


I suggest that the CC: field could be used as a assigned_to: , and CC: just for watchers.

So a message with:

to: <>, <>
cc: <>, <>

would be created a issue assigned_to: <> and <>, <> for watchers.

In this case using <> as the incoming e-mail, I just don't know how Redmine could make this distinction.

Another option would be to make allow-override accept the assigned_to: as an option, and the assigner users could be set on the e-mail body.

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Added support for setting an issue's assigned to field via email. It will take a user's email address, login, or full name. r3764


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