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00:41 Redmine Defect #9394 (Closed): Custom date field only validating on regex and not a valid date
If you create a custom date field it looks like the validations are not correctly happening based on a valid date. It... Chris Malek


20:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Receive emails with POP3?
soooo...sorry....I did not google to well before posting this.
Found it:
Chris Malek
20:34 Redmine Open discussion: Receive emails with POP3?

Has anyone hacked together a solution for receiving and processing mail with a POP3 connection? My email admin wil...
Chris Malek


22:48 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Cannot filter on Status in Issue List?
Sorry, I am an idiot. You can. I must need some coffee. Chris Malek
22:02 Redmine Open discussion: Cannot filter on Status in Issue List?
Is there any reason you cannot filter on that status field in the issue list? For Instance for, you can... Chris Malek

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