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15:23 Redmine Feature #2115: SVN authentication needed for public project
Yeah, that might work. Unless you work with a parent SVN path, in case it won't work.
Sander Datema


12:08 Redmine Feature #2115: SVN authentication needed for public project
Overmind Eternal Will wrote:
> Where the redmine check if the project is public, let it ignore the flag.
The idea...
Sander Datema


02:06 Redmine Feature #2115 (New): SVN authentication needed for public project
In some cases an administrator wants to track who is downloading from the svn. Using that is easy, but onl... Sander Datema


12:12 Redmine Feature #2027: Default Target Version
+1 as well Sander Datema


11:25 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Apache + Phusion Passenger
Though not really an answer to your question, but Phusion Passenger turns off everything related to mod_rewrite (incl... Sander Datema


02:44 Redmine Patch #2005 (Closed): Dutch translation (nl.yml)
- Ran file through spell checker
- Editted translations that were too literally interpreted from the English version...
Sander Datema


12:56 Redmine Feature #1945: Automatically add user to project
I second this one. A setting to set what projects are allowed to auto add users would be handy in this case. Sander Datema


15:11 Redmine Feature #1595: Make last name an optional field
I would like to have this option (make lastname optional) as well. Specially in a project that only uses nicknames it... Sander Datema

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