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SVN authentication needed for public project

Added by Sander Datema about 14 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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In some cases an administrator wants to track who is downloading from the svn. Using Redmine.pm that is easy, but only when the project is not public.

What I need is that users who are not a member of a public project, still need to authenticate when loggin into svn, meaning they need to register at the redmine project page.
So in Redmine.pm it needs to check if a project is public, but still needs svn auth access.

I'm not a perl programmer, so I could not change it.

Changes needed:
- Redmine.pm should check if project is public, but not open for anonymous access
- Redmine project settings need 'no anon access' switch


#1 Updated by Overmind Eternal Will about 14 years ago

+1 to the features request. :P

sander you can comment a line of code in redmine.pm to get basically what you want.
Where the redmine check if the project is public, let it ignore the flag.
I hope it helps.

#2 Updated by Sander Datema about 14 years ago

Overmind Eternal Will wrote:

Where the redmine check if the project is public, let it ignore the flag.

The idea is nice, however ommitting that flag makes Redmine.pm wants the user to be a member of the project. And since members won't be that by default, it's still a problem.

#3 Updated by Liwiusz Ociepa about 14 years ago

Apache option will be ok?
Something like RedminePublicProjectAnonAccess true|false?

#4 Updated by Sander Datema about 14 years ago

Yeah, that might work. Unless you work with a parent SVN path, in case it won't work.

#5 Updated by Jon Collette about 14 years ago

+1 :) Another suggestion for this feature would be to allow public & anon reads and writes to svn and to redmine separately.

Thanks Overmind. Commenting out lines 208 & 209 worked for me.

  1. $r->set_handlers(PerlAuthenHandler => [\&OK])
  2. if is_public_project($project_id, $r);

#6 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 12 years ago

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