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15:51 Redmine Revision 2058 (svn): Fix access to Repository Parent Path (FORBIDEN instead of AUTH_REQUIRED).
Liwiusz Ociepa


14:50 Redmine Feature #2115: SVN authentication needed for public project
Apache option will be ok?
Something like RedminePublicProjectAnonAccess true|false?
Liwiusz Ociepa
14:46 Redmine Revision 2050 (svn): If project_id is uninitialized, initialize it.
Liwiusz Ociepa
12:21 Redmine Revision 2049 (svn): Some debug added.
There is a bug - don't know if in or in Netbeans svn client.
In logs:
Use of uninitialized value $project_...
Liwiusz Ociepa


21:38 Redmine Defect #1628: redmine sends http on forms on https server
Have you checked settings.yml after update? ... Liwiusz Ociepa


01:54 Redmine Feature #1609: Add Ruby 1.8.7 Support
Well. I have redmine 0.7.3 on ruby 1.8.7 and it works ok with patched rails 2.0.2.
There is only one thing changed:
Liwiusz Ociepa


18:55 Redmine Defect #1558 (Closed): Commits to SVN show null author does not set author or any variable used by SVN. It only returns OK when access should be granted or FORBI... Liwiusz Ociepa
17:06 Redmine Revision 1646 (svn): - Disable debug,
- Fix namespace set condition (setting namespace, without
configured memcached, should segfault apache before).
Liwiusz Ociepa


23:34 Redmine Revision 1645 (svn): Remove default Memcached namespace.
Liwiusz Ociepa
19:26 Redmine Revision 1644 (svn): Initial support for caching credentials in Memcached (debug is enabled).
Support for caching in Apache memory pools has been dropped. Liwiusz Ociepa

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