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17:47 Redmine Feature #28514: issue delete button confusion
Should note in the reproduce text above, you need to be Manager on the project to reproduce.
17:42 Redmine Feature #28514 (Closed): issue delete button confusion
In 3.4.3, if your last issue history item is only one or two lines, you end up with the history item delete button (t...


17:52 Redmine Feature #17455: Easier anchor linking / Textile anchor links
I vote for marking it a Defect again.
17:52 Redmine Feature #17455: Easier anchor linking / Textile anchor links
Note that this *used* to work back in 2.6.
It appears to have been broken in commit:4f2c5a9945d0a1d83620f5cfb7eb8...


16:50 Redmine Defect #2493: Subversion: Error message for some of view differences
Is anyone looking at this for an upcoming release? Do we need a patch?


20:55 Redmine Feature #15237 (New): Threaded discussion in forums

Many of my users would like threading in the discussion forums -- i.e a comment can be a reply to another comment, ...


20:52 Redmine Feature #13842 (Closed): Support mobile phone users better
It turns out a very few changes to the style sheets seem to make
redmine look much better from phones; You can spec...


20:30 Redmine Defect #13321: Wiki show differences doesn't work
I believe this is a duplicate of Defect #7677


00:02 Redmine Plugins: Pushed to github...

I've put up on github the versions I have working with 1.4.1
If anyone can test these under Redmine 2.0, that wo...


17:33 Redmine Plugins: Has anyone put them up anywhere else?

If not, I might put them up at GitHub...

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