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17:47 Redmine Feature #28514: issue delete button confusion
Should note in the reproduce text above, you need to be Manager on the project to reproduce. Marc Mengel
17:42 Redmine Feature #28514 (Closed): issue delete button confusion
In 3.4.3, if your last issue history item is only one or two lines, you end up with the history item delete button (t... Marc Mengel


17:52 Redmine Feature #17455: Easier anchor linking / Textile anchor links
I vote for marking it a Defect again. Marc Mengel
17:52 Redmine Feature #17455: Easier anchor linking / Textile anchor links
Note that this *used* to work back in 2.6.
It appears to have been broken in commit:4f2c5a9945d0a1d83620f5cfb7eb8...
Marc Mengel


16:50 Redmine Defect #2493: Subversion: Error message for some of view differences
Is anyone looking at this for an upcoming release? Do we need a patch? Marc Mengel


20:55 Redmine Feature #15237 (New): Threaded discussion in forums

Many of my users would like threading in the discussion forums -- i.e a comment can be a reply to another comment, ...
Marc Mengel


20:52 Redmine Feature #13842 (Closed): Support mobile phone users better
It turns out a very few changes to the style sheets seem to make
redmine look much better from phones; You can spec...
Marc Mengel


20:30 Redmine Defect #13321: Wiki show differences doesn't work
I believe this is a duplicate of Defect #7677 Marc Mengel


00:02 Redmine Plugins: Pushed to github...

I've put up on github the versions I have working with 1.4.1
If anyone can test these under Redmine 2.0, that wo...
Marc Mengel


17:33 Redmine Plugins: Has anyone put them up anywhere else?

If not, I might put them up at GitHub...
Marc Mengel

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