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03:50 Redmine Feature #7879 (New): List sub-projects in sidebar
I use sub-projects a lot to manage tasks and I have found it inconvenient to have to drop back to the full projects l... Aaron Moore


22:53 Redmine Feature #1075: Wiki shared across sub-projects
I would also like to see this as part of Redmine. The latest version now allow for cross project links so I would ass... Aaron Moore


02:59 Redmine Help: Is there a way to highlight issues based on priority / due date?
Is there a way to be color the bg of issue based on their priority or other factors?
Like the ability to show task...
Aaron Moore
02:52 Redmine Feature #3946 (New): Mark the Issue closed date on Gantt Chart
Display a green (or similar) line indicating the date when an issue was resolved/reached completion. This would show ... Aaron Moore

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