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14:26 Redmine Feature #25140: [API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens
Good point. I would go so far and also allow this not only for API calls but also for normal UI as well (enabling SSO...


11:44 Redmine Defect #18754: empty svn logentry crashes revision batch reading
We face this issue often because the repository we use contains protected data along with the actual project data. Th...


23:31 Redmine Patch #24939: Changing plugin loading order
The plugin load order is a headache, I fully agree.
Instead of making a kind of ad-hoc fix, I believe the best sol...


17:30 Redmine Help: RE: Plugin execution order
This does not work anymore. Setting options in config is pointless since the plugin loader sorts the plugins alphabet...
10:32 Redmine Feature #7754: Plugin priority
Slightly related to #6324, #23131
10:26 Redmine Feature #23131: Plugin load order defined by inter-plugin dependencies
Wouldn't a simple topological sort (ruby @TSort@) in @lib/redmine/plugin.rb@self.load@ do the trick?
Of course pro...


11:34 Redmine Patch #21055: Add Authentication mode filter in the Users admin page
Relates to #18193


10:05 Redmine Patch #3606: Copy queries
Already implemented: this can be already done by:
* selecting the query to copy
* perform changes (DO *NOT* click...


10:20 Redmine Feature #17599: Allow users to edit issues without adding notes.
_But whenever a user is allowed to edit an issue, he is allowed to add notes *by design*._
IMHO this is not a good...


16:26 Redmine Feature #15289: Recalculate priority of a parent issue automatically after child issue is closed
I fully agree with this idea. Priority is something dynamic. You can have a main task that has a subtask to urgently ...

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