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14:19 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
Ben Blanco wrote in #note-139:
> FWIW -- the following plugin is a nice solution while we wait for native tags.
Jaap de Haan


14:26 Redmine Feature #25140: [API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens
Good point. I would go so far and also allow this not only for API calls but also for normal UI as well (enabling SSO... Jaap de Haan


11:44 Redmine Defect #18754: empty svn logentry crashes revision batch reading
We face this issue often because the repository we use contains protected data along with the actual project data. Th... Jaap de Haan


23:31 Redmine Patch #24939: Changing plugin loading order
The plugin load order is a headache, I fully agree.
Instead of making a kind of ad-hoc fix, I believe the best sol...
Jaap de Haan


17:30 Redmine Help: RE: Plugin execution order
This does not work anymore. Setting options in config is pointless since the plugin loader sorts the plugins alphabet... Jaap de Haan
10:32 Redmine Feature #7754: Plugin priority
Slightly related to #6324, #23131 Jaap de Haan
10:26 Redmine Feature #23131: Plugin load order defined by inter-plugin dependencies
Wouldn't a simple topological sort (ruby @TSort@) in @lib/redmine/plugin.rb@self.load@ do the trick?
Of course pro...
Jaap de Haan


11:34 Redmine Patch #21055: Add Authentication mode filter in the Users admin page
Relates to #18193 Jaap de Haan


10:05 Redmine Patch #3606: Copy queries
Already implemented: this can be already done by:
* selecting the query to copy
* perform changes (DO *NOT* click...
Jaap de Haan


10:20 Redmine Feature #17599: Allow users to edit issues without adding notes.
_But whenever a user is allowed to edit an issue, he is allowed to add notes *by design*._
IMHO this is not a good...
Jaap de Haan

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