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14:05 Redmine Feature #10250: Renaming "duplicates" and "duplicated by" to something less confusing
Josef Grahn wrote:
> I, as well, have found this to be a general source of confusion. I think the main problem is th...
Ieuan Jenkins


16:19 Redmine Defect #15777: Watched issues count on "My page" is shown for all issues instead of only open ones
Same bug as reported in #8948, I think. Ieuan Jenkins


16:35 Redmine Defect #18875: [Rest API][custom field]Why "GET /custom_fields.xml" required the System manager's privilege?
I can see the logic behind permitting the same access level to the API implementation of the Custom Fields page as to... Ieuan Jenkins


13:02 Redmine Feature #10828: Request multiple distinct values including issue id, parent_id, root_id
Markus M wrote:
> To be consistent with the rest of the API you might want to change the seperator from "|" to ",". ...
Ieuan Jenkins


11:49 Redmine Feature #9664: CRUD operations for "custom field definitions" (not setting custom fields on issues!)
Just to note, this is useful for another situation than that mentioned in the original description: we have a situati... Ieuan Jenkins
11:22 Redmine Feature #19583 (New): Allow restriction of Issue Relations as per other Field Permissions
Currently the only permission configuration for issue relations is either no access or full control.
It would be u...
Ieuan Jenkins


19:52 Redmine Defect #19581: _redmine_session cookie security flaw
If you can access a user's cookie, you'd probably have access to the credentials they posted to authenticate as well.... Ieuan Jenkins


10:49 Redmine Feature #11977: REST API for repositories
Also very keen for this. Repositories are a brilliant feature of Redmine but we make a lot of use of the API and are... Ieuan Jenkins

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