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23:16 Redmine Defect #6759 (Resolved): rdm-mailhandler does not have a port option, fails with port forwarding
Ah, yes, that works too. I'm not sure why I thought that option wasn't working. I revisited it and have confirmed hos...


20:46 Redmine Defect #6759 (Closed): rdm-mailhandler does not have a port option, fails with port forwarding
In our environment, applications use port forwarding to avoid using root to start up web services. Port 80 and 443 ar...


18:08 Redmine Open discussion: RE: CVS Support for 1.11.x
Yeah, unfortunately the 1.11.x is labelled the "stable" branch by the project. My company will not go on 1.12.x until...


01:01 Redmine Open discussion: RE: where can I find ruby hosting
Any traction on this error? Anybody else been successful on Heroku. I'd also like to run Redmine on Heroku.


23:25 Redmine Patch #2702: mail_handler_update: added ability to update some fields / Import custom fields valu...
+1 It would be nice to change the assigned user by email.


19:09 Redmine Feature #2356: SSO Authentication (CAS Jasig)
An additional possibility is using OpenID as single sign on solution. It can work with LDAP as well.


21:01 Redmine Defect #1662: Issue's custom fields don't appear on some filters and custom queries editor
This is a very strange bug, but I was able to find a workaround for version 0.7.3 for custom fields that are included...
18:36 Redmine Patch #2289: Patch for #2282 (show project name in front of related issues)
Thanks for the fix and commit.


19:00 Redmine Feature #2282 (Closed): Display project name for related issues that are from different projects.
One of Redmine's strengths is the ability to relate issues in different projects. However, when reading the related i...
18:46 Redmine Patch #2265: Revert a specific plugin migrations
+1 This will be handy when experimenting with plugins.

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