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Revert a specific plugin migrations

Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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There's a topic on the forum here where the person asks how to revert plugin migrations easily. I think it would be useful if people want to try plugins and then uninstall it.

Engines seems to be able to do that but I didn't managed to make it work. Anyway, I think it's the same as the task to migrate all plugins : Engines know how to do this but a redmine specific task has been added. So I suggest to add a redmine specific task to migrate just one plugin.

I leave a patch in attachment, which is nearly a copy/paste from Engines db:migrate:plugin task.

$ rake db:migrate_plugin NAME=my_plugin : migrate to last version of "my_plugin"
$ rake db:migrate_plugin NAME=my_plugin VERSION=X : migrate to version X (and 0 when you uninstall)

Any opinion about that ?


migrate_plugins.diff (830 Bytes) migrate_plugins.diff Jean-Baptiste Barth, 2008-12-02 22:47
engines.rake.diff (587 Bytes) engines.rake.diff Thomas Löber, 2009-02-20 16:30

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 15 years ago

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 15 years ago

My proposal wasn't very beautiful.. Sorry for the double post.

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Updated by Markus Knittig almost 15 years ago

I have also failed to get the Engines uninstall routine work.

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Updated by Stephanie Collett almost 15 years ago

+1 This will be handy when experimenting with plugins.

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Updated by Eric Davis almost 15 years ago

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Great workaround. I'd like fix this in Engines and submit a patch to the Engines project. I just tried to migrate a plugin on a separate Engines project ( and it had the same error.

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Updated by Thomas Löber almost 15 years ago

As the Engines plugin is part of Redmine's source tree shoudn't we fix the error there? (See patch.)

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Updated by Benjamin Baroukh over 14 years ago

Any news about an integration into Redmine core ?

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Updated by Javier Barroso over 14 years ago

I tried uninstall budget plugin, but table 'deliverates' is still on db. did I lose something ?


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Updated by Eric Davis about 14 years ago

For the Rails 2.3.4 upgrade (#3597) I had to upgrade Engines which will fix this bug. I'll close it once #3597 is ready.

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Updated by Eric Davis about 14 years ago

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This should be fixed in the latest Rails Engines upgrade, r2887.


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