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09:37 Redmine Help: Render partial issue - How is it working ?
Can someone explain me how is working this piece of code in views/mailier/issue_edit.html.erb ?
@<%= render :parti...


16:02 Redmine Help: Security trouble - Create account with anonymous mail
*To create account with anonymous mail* I run a cronjob and use the parameters :...
15:51 Redmine Help: RE: Hide the assignee for a given group
I found it!
In Parameters>Workflow if you put "read" on the "Assignee field" for a given role, it hides the fields. ...
14:05 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Disable Account Activation Mail when unknown_user=create?
In Redmine 2.3.3.stable it is the line 104 : ...


16:15 Redmine Help: Hide the assignee for a given group
I would like to use Redmine for *customer support*. The big problem is when a customer log in Redmine to write a tick...


17:33 Redmine Help: Rake task with login and password in crontab
It concerns this wiki page : [[RedmineReceivingEmails]]
I run a cron job like :...

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