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04:40 Redmine Open discussion: Is there a way to monkey-patch rails tests from plugins?
Me and my team have been heavily producing plugins for Redmine (currently 1.1 branch). So far, we have contained from...


02:39 Redmine Defect #7591 (Resolved): Template missing 'projects/new.erb', on 1.1-stable branch.
Resolved as invalid. I can't reproduce the issue on a fresh checkout of the 1.1.1 tag (from github).
01:41 Redmine Defect #7591: Template missing 'projects/new.erb', on 1.1-stable branch.
I will recheck the issue. Before submitting I removed all plugins I was using, though. I'm going to checkout the 1.1-...


15:30 Redmine Defect #7591 (Closed): Template missing 'projects/new.erb', on 1.1-stable branch.
Hi I have just cloned the git repository, ran the migrations, and setup a simple development environment.
When I t...


21:42 Redmine Patch #7058 (New): Duplicate submit and link buttons on top of the edit form.
I thinks it's nice to have the submit button and the preview link also on the top of the edit form, to improve usabil...


21:45 Redmine Feature #1860 (Resolved): reST (reStructuredText) support
This is a dupe of #1208.
21:44 Redmine Feature #1208: Restructured text support for the wiki
Is this goint to be implemented? Issue #1860 also ask for this.
I prefer reST because it:
* Allows line ...

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