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23:23 Redmine Help: RE: script/about fails with "uninitialized constant Rails::Info (NameError)"
Thanks all for the ideas, but I still get the same error.
I believe I may be stuck in the Romulan neutral zone bet...
Brian Coughlin


00:01 Redmine Feature #594: Remove limit on subproject nesting
Please see code hacks suggested for this Issue at Brian Coughlin


23:59 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Subproject depths limited to 1
Please track/account for this feature change at
Brian Coughlin
23:55 Redmine Help: script/about fails with "uninitialized constant Rails::Info (NameError)"
I have a developmental version of redmine working with lots of test accounts/files/issues/etc (AFAICT) on Ubu...
Brian Coughlin


20:52 Redmine Feature #1215 (Closed): Progress Bar for File Uploads
Add progress bar for UI feedback for File Uploads.
This ought to be fairly straightforward using pure AJAX or vi...
Brian Coughlin
20:46 Redmine Feature #1004: Suggestion: Subprojects of subproject...?
This is similar to Issue #594 Brian Coughlin
20:42 Redmine Feature #594: Remove limit on subproject nesting
Adding at least a 3rd level (level below Subproject) would be very helpful. Brian Coughlin

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