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14:53 Redmine Feature #17582: advanced awesome calculated computed custom fields
+1 see #17535
#17913 has been closed as a duplicated ticket but no further response provided here about the feature ...


15:50 Redmine Feature #17961 (Closed): permissions for copy project
Is it possible to consider allowing the copy project permission to added to additional none Administrator users. So m...


00:30 Redmine Feature #13263: Prevent confusion generated by the top Help link
I have had a quite a few users confused at ending up on and not being able to log in.
Suggest the defaul...
00:21 Redmine Feature #17535 (Closed): Custom fields maths
I have two custom fields "risk probability" and "risk impact" scores being able to multiply these together into a thi...
00:17 Redmine Feature #17534 (New): Resource histogram
It would be useful to show a resource base histogram showing estimated hours per day per assigned resource and the ta...
00:11 Redmine Feature #5202: Gantt Chart and Calendar Resource View
A display "assigned resource" column in the gantt table would be useful. In fact adding columns to the gantt would be...
23:47 Redmine Feature #17532 (Resolved): issue list multiple item selection
Thanks for the support
23:47 Redmine Feature #17532: issue list multiple item selection
Thanks for the pointers!
Using version 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 I see the select/ deselect all OK
So this only works with ...
18:10 Redmine Feature #17532 (Closed): issue list multiple item selection
In the issue list when you try to select multiple items by ticking the box to the left of the item, if you miss one b...


19:36 Redmine Help: RE: How to create a query where I can get fields calculation from each other?
This would be a really good addition to allow for example two custom field vlaues to be multiplied together to create...

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