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12:24 Redmine Feature #6276: Gantt Chart rewrite
The same for me. Error is thrown not on all projects.... Igor Kalashnikov


14:46 Redmine Feature #4301: position Wiki Toc in sidebar
I vote for this feature too Igor Kalashnikov


17:40 Redmine Defect #5293 (Resolved): too slow ticket update in new version
Thank you, it is really cause of our smtp :( Igor Kalashnikov


09:22 Redmine Defect #5293 (Closed): too slow ticket update in new version
Slowness is come With last commits from unstable svn
It is about 10-20 seconds to add a comment to some issue and I ...
Igor Kalashnikov


09:31 Redmine Feature #1624: Issue merging
One more vote for manual merging :) Igor Kalashnikov


11:12 Redmine Feature #3199: Ability to remove mail signature when updating an issue from mail
+1 Igor Kalashnikov


12:48 Redmine Defect #4414 (Closed): Mail text preparing before creating a new issue
I work in a big company with some standards and we have one signature for all with 2 images and I don't need it in my... Igor Kalashnikov
12:16 Redmine Feature #4413 (Closed): Multiple attached files delete/edit in ticket edit form
It will be great if we have a possibility to delete and add a title to already existant files attached to ticket. Igor Kalashnikov


15:32 Redmine Feature #4395 (Closed): Issue date filters with fixed values
It is too difficult to filter issues by date if I need to see only november (for example) tickets - it is poss...
Igor Kalashnikov


08:23 Redmine Defect #4308 (Closed): "None" category issue count is empty while grouping by category
When I open "Issues" tab and select grouping by Category, the "None" category have empty count in brackets.
Sorry ...
Igor Kalashnikov

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