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19:02 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to prevent users Log time on closed issues?
We need it as well!


20:42 Redmine Feature #31984: Permission to add timelogs in past
Thanks for checking. We have the same problem In our use case. Users should log their time max 1-3 days back butthey ...


21:37 Redmine Feature #13244: Restrict log time for old days
We would like to have this functionality as well. IO agree with Kirill and Pavel. Important feature.
We have the ...


18:33 Redmine Feature #6396: Copy User Project Roles From Another User
We would like to have the function too.
I propose to add @Copy user@ to the Administration/Users/user menu.


16:18 Redmine Defect #25828: Issue visibility problems on 3.3.1
We have the same problem I can confirm. See: message#52816
16:15 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 3.3.3 - missing issue table at project overview, wrong spent time
Probably the bug: Defect #25828


15:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Why generated PDF are bigger?
The big PDF's are still annoying. *It would be nice ho have an option to embedd or not fonts into PDF in the system s...


11:20 Redmine Help: How to find out when the Log time was added
I'd like to ask how it is possible to find out when the time spent on a Issue was added (when it was entered to Redmi...


00:25 Redmine Help: RE: How to check redmine version
Sorry to ask awake the old question again, but the answer is not working for us.
Can someone show us how to learn w...

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