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18:18 Redmine Help: Author Email in Issue Column's for Export
I need to export all my issues with author's email address included. So far all I've seen it able to do is pull the a...


19:36 Redmine Help: Project Database Configuration
I would like to have have a project have individual issues, users, incoming email address, outgoing email address, an...


16:37 Redmine Help: Issue status changed to New when email updates
h2. Issue
When we have a resolved issue that receives and email update the status is changed to New. I've removed ...


21:29 Redmine Help: Add users to project users from email rake.
I don't know what I did but at some point users stopped getting notifications unless they were project users. So I ne...


20:17 Redmine Help: RE: Admin LDAP Settings Crash
It turns out it was a null entry in the auth_sources table in SQL. Removal of the row and restarting mysql and apache...
06:28 Redmine Help: RE: Admin LDAP Settings Crash
No I didn't actually and started to think that it was a SQL issue. But I don't remember it actually migrating properl...


21:12 Redmine Help: Admin LDAP Settings Crash
I've been trying to configure LDAP to work with our AD server. I installed a plugin for LDAP that didn't work out so ...


17:06 Redmine Help: Sendmail from different projects
I have Redmine set up for my shop and everything is running great, love it to death. But now other shops are seeing o...


14:37 Redmine Help: Redmine email spam
I have Redmine set up to take in all email from an account on exchange, create a ticket and email the person back tha...


22:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Subtasking
The users have no idea they are getting submitted to a ticketing system. Until we have users submitting tickets and I...

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