Autorefresh on activity

Added by Razi Baluchi about 8 years ago

It seems like some of the screen in Redmine could do with an auto refresh option. In our installation, I've modified the global_filters and kanban plugins to include a javascript that does an auto refresh every couple of minutes.

I am thinking that there is probably a more intelligent approach to this. Perhaps, have the javascript check the journal, and if there is any new activity, to perform a refresh?

I am open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas on how to go about enabling a 'smart' auto refresh that only updates the screen when activity is detected.

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RE: Autorefresh on activity - Added by James Rowe over 6 years ago

I would definitely be interested in something like this.

We use the mail portion of redmine and have all inbound e-mails created in one project. An auto refresh on this issue list would be great.