New datatypes for custom fields

Added by Maxim Krušina over 1 year ago

Hi everybody, for a long time we need to develop some new datatypes for custom fields.
We're also developers, but nobody of us can write in Ruby, so I'm looking for someone skilled.

  • I would like to supply most extensive description as possible - I'm using Redmine almost from beggining and I'm also project manager, so I'm able to prepare very trailed documentation how it should work.
  • I would like to give everything back to the community, maybe first as a plugin, but later if it can be merged into Redmine core it will be abose and win-win for everybody. So we will NOT sell thiss stuff - it's for ALL of us.
  • Which datatypes I need?
    • Time and Datetime - now we can work only with date
    • Autoincrement field - basically Integer with autoincrement, possibly some pre-fix and post-fix. Veru useful, coz we're using Redmine projects for inventory management, jobnr tracking, etc. Of course, I'll write detailed documentation.
    • Reference to another tickets. We need to be bale to link tickets in other way, than Related/Subtickets way. Generally - for example - I would like to have one project (tracker) with customers and another one with jobs. I would like to have select box in jobs where I can pick the customer name - link to another project/tracker. List of tickets should be passed as saved Issue filter = this way it's most robust and flexible way, imho.
      And yes, lot of other small improvements, but those are most important.

Any offers? Anyone interested? Should I prepare detailed documentation?

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RE: New datatypes for custom fields - Added by Aleksandar Pavic visit 12 months ago

Hi, documentation is detailed enough...

I know exactly what you want/need and I too need time field....

Probably it should be done in javascript, with something like this: