Feature #1984

Ability to obsolete an uploaded file

Added by David Kowis over 9 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Similar to how bugzilla does it. The file is still there, but crossed out, to emphasize that it's been superseded by the newer attachment.


#1 Updated by Thomas Lecavelier over 9 years ago

I like this one: +1.

#2 Updated by Markus Knittig over 9 years ago


#3 Updated by David Kowis almost 9 years ago


#4 Updated by Jens Goldhammer almost 9 years ago


#5 Updated by David Kowis over 8 years ago

Poking again

#6 Updated by David Kowis over 8 years ago

I guess this is unimportant, or very difficult to do. I'd love to work on it myself, but I have too much other crap to do :(

I hate bugzilla's insane perl dependencies, and it's not very well integrated. I'd love to try to use redmine instead, at least for the bug tracking part of it, but I can't because the bug tracker is very weak feature wise. </rant>

#7 Updated by David Kowis about 8 years ago

Poking again. It'd be really, really nice to be able to obsolete an attachment. It's really the only thing keeping me from trying to push redmine on our project :)

#8 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

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