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Document supported HTML access keys

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The access keys supported by Redmine (which are implemented using regular HTML accesskey attributes requiring the use of Ctrl/Alt/Shift1 keys) are not yet documented. This needs some TLC ;)

  • commits implementing the access keys: r804 (#449), r897, r1081 (#481), r13794 (#18692)
  • notable related issue(s): #6846
  • notable related plugin(s): https://github.com/netaustin/redmine_keyboard_shortcuts
  • current (backend) implementation: source:/trunk/lib/redmine/access_keys.rb@17022
  • files containing the string 'accesskey(' (frontend implementation):

1 For an overview of keys used to access these access keys in different browsers, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_key.

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I have written a small wiki article for this feature.
Perhaps, this could be seen as a first draft.

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