Redmine 2.0.0 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 6 years ago

Redmine 2.0.0 drops Rails 2.3 (which is no longer maintained by the Rails team) in favour of the latest Rails 3 release, and it's now available for download at Rubyforge. New features will come with the next 2.1.0 release.

Efforts have been made to ease the upgrade of existing Redmine plugins but most of them will need a bit of work from their authors in order to be compatible with Rails 3. So if you're using some plugins, you may want to wait before switching to Redmine 2.x.


Added by ss li over 6 years ago

沙发啊! 这个系统不错我们一直用。
只是我们很久没有升级了。现在还是0.× 的版本

Added by Nitish Upreti over 6 years ago

How will be the plugin development be affected with 2.0 release? Really curious! A writeup on this would be much appretiated. :)

Added by Marvin Reimer over 6 years ago

You should also update the upgrade info page. It seems some functions for upgrading are now deprecated and replaced.
@Nitish: Plugin needs rework. As far as I know you cannot use Redmine 1.4 plugins in Redmine 2.0.

Added by Lucas J over 6 years ago

I agree with Marvin. I want to upgrade to 2.0.0 but originally installed via PPA so want to make sure everything is OK.

Added by Stefan Frank over 6 years ago

yes, some infos about plugins would be helpful, e.g. are plugins now simply rails-engines with the old commands gone? ruby script/generate redmine_plugin <plugin_name> obviously does not work anymore, but there is a sample-plugin under extra/sample_plugin which should now be used as a starting point if I understand it right?! Any plans yet to update the docs for the plugin-generation? I'll have to deal with plugins in the next weeks anyway, so I can maybe help with the docs...

PS: And excuse that we already start with the nagging - great job on the migration/upgrade to 3.2.x, setup&installation worked without major problems.

Added by Mischa The Evil over 6 years ago

Stefan, regarding ruby script/generate redmine_plugin <plugin_name>: see #10928.

Added by damon yang over 6 years ago

谁能给我 一个Redmine 2.0.0 的配置文档啊,论坛里都是老版本的

Added by Nitish Upreti over 6 years ago

कितना अच होता अगर सब अंग्रेजी मे पोस्ट करते जिस से सब समझ जायें.

Added by 형규 조 about 6 years ago

감사히 사용하고 있어요~

Added by Markus Lohr about 6 years ago

jehaaa, new version - great work. Thanks for the hard work of all of you guys!

Here some lines of thinking about the plugin situation over the last few days:
What’s about changing the plugin system at all (duck ... don't hit me). In the past, there was a lot of plugins with the version compatibility text "current trunk" but this means nothing if the last "commit" was 2 years ago. So what’s about adding a kind of a list (or whatever) to every plugin, where the author has to define the compatible version and maybe a GO or noGO when using it with the Top10-plugins in combination?!? So every time, a new version of redmine comes out, the plugin-author has to "test" the plugin and then define the version as ready to use with redmine-version x.y.z. This could also help newbies to find only plugins for a fresh/new installation which are stable and don’t break the system.
Maybe there is also a way to check this information in redmine (admin page > plugins ), to see if there is a new version for this plugin and if all plugins are ready or there is new version of a plugin (which shows "ready for redmine-version x.y.z.) there could be a web-update of redmine to update the hole system including the plugins...
The Top10 list of plugins is a little tricky because of the "call-home" situation (every redmine installation has to inform REDMINE about the installed plugins), but would be a key function to make the system more stable for updates. sure! the authors of a plugin has also more work to do but in advance there plugins could became more famous and redmine would get a lot more respect - not that is has no respect so far :-) it is awesome in my opinion, with some minor flaws. :-)
This idea is a little bit inspired from the wordpress system.... but with the difference, that redmine has to check also the base system / OS for all the requirements... (ruby, rake, rails, ....) But I think, this could help a lot of admins and improve the hole system.

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 6 years ago

So what’s about adding a kind of a list (or whatever) to every plugin, where the author has to define the compatible version

This is already present on the plugin directory. Compatibility between plugin release/Redmine version can be entered by the author (eg:

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 6 years ago

ruby script/generate redmine_plugin <plugin_name> obviously does not work anymore

All Rails 2.x commands like `ruby script/xxx` are removed in Rails 3 in favour of `ruby script/rails xxx`. You can now use `ruby script/rails generate redmine_plugin <plugin_name>`. The plugin tutorial needs a few updates indeed.

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 6 years ago

The plugin tutorial has been updated for Redmine 2.x.