Plugin rating system added to the repository

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang 9 months ago

With more than 500 plugins in the Redmine plugins directory, a rating system was introduced yesterday in order to help people find usefull plugins used by the community. Feel free to rate your prefered plugins and leave a small comment, the repository is available at:


Added by Scott Macpherson 9 months ago

I've been using Redmine for years, but I had no idea the plugin community was so active!

Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) 9 months ago

This is really great, thank you!

Added by Jan from Planio 9 months ago

This is an awesome improvement, thanks!

Added by Matt Mencel 8 months ago

Awesome. Is the User Rating itself a plugin that can be used in other Redmine instances? We are looking for a way for project members to rate Issues to help prioritize them.

Added by Urzin Rio 8 months ago

I also really want to use this rating system for another Redmine issues and Wikis. Is there any plan to apply this rating feature to issue and Wiki instances?