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11455 Author: Martin Denizet ( team member)
Code repository:
Registered on: 2014-04-13 (almost 4 years ago)
Current version: 0.1.0
Compatible with: Redmine 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x
User ratings:   (4)

Allows to input JavaScript directly from Redmine to customize Redmine any function you desire.
Edit the JavaScript in the plugin's configuration page. Path to configuration is /settings/plugin/redmine_custom_js

Installation notes

No DB migration is required.


0.1.0 (2014-04-13)

Compatible with Redmine 2.5.x, 2.4.x, 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x.

User ratings

  by Guillermo ML 12 months ago

Working with 3.3.1. Very useful for quick hacks without modifying the original source code.

  by Herman Suszkewciz over 1 year ago

Working with 3.3. Greate and very simple plugin. Indispensable!

  by Simon Clough almost 2 years ago

Excellent plugin. I've used it to write javascript to extend the functionality of some of the pages without having the rigmarole of writing plugins. Using javascript and jquery and the redmine REST API writing extensions is pretty straight forward.

  by Tomasz O about 3 years ago