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What is the Traceability Plugin?

Traceability is a Redmine plugin to show the traceability matrix between the issues of two (or even three!) trackers of a project.


  • Shows a summary view of the relations between the two config...

By Emergya Consultoria



Traceability matrix

This plug-in is under development. It is not recommended to use it in production context.
It as no impact on the database, but the API may change in next releases.

Purpose :

Shows the traceability matrix of 2 lists of issues. If...

By Stéphane Briand SeaSideTech


Tracker Hider

The plugin is intended to provide functionality for managing of visibility of an issue for certain users or roles in dependance to the tracker of an issue.


  • Allow managing of issues visibility to certain Role as a Role's Permissio...

By Anton Titkov


Tracker Status Trigger

A plugin to apply automatic status change on issue's relations or parent/children issues.

CAUTION: You might be carefull to avoid circular or redundant settings. Example, set one relation parent and one children parent to same Tracker.

Remember: ...

By José Cavalcanti



The Trackmine provides simple but effective bi-directional communication between Pivotal Tracker and Redmine by outsourcing the workflow between Pivotal’s "Started" and "Finished" states to Redmine. The triggers for teleporting between the tools are st...

By Piotr Brudny (Capita GmbH)



Transactions, Personal Finances, Cash Desk

Easy Redmine plugin for management of transactions between a company and Redmine users. It will help you to manage financial transactions with your workers, partners or even customers who access your Redmine.

Each user has his/her own Personal State...

By Petr Pospisil



TTM plugin

TTM (Time to Money) – is a plugin for project management Redmine.
Allows you to create a subscription for the various activities and keep records of customer service.

support e-mail:


By Team




Authentication in redmine through Facebook, Twitter, Github.

By Sandeep Kumar



Ultraviolet Syntax Highlighting

Replaces the default source code syntax highlighting engine (CodeRay) with Ultraviolet, which supports over 157 different syntaxes, as well as customizable colour themes!

Ultraviolet is based on Textmate's syntax files, so you can highlight anything...

By Chris Gahan


UNC Autolink plugin


Create link from UNC format strings like outlook automatically when showing textile format field like below.


It is also able to specif...

By precious plum


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