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Updates notifier

This plugin sends update notifications to a user-configured callback URL when changes are made to an issue within Redmine. It picks up changes made using the issue bulk-editing interface and is also smart enough to ignore changes made through the Redmi...

By Ramesh Nair




Plugin for Redmine, which allows to improve the usability of Redmine.

  • You will get a lot of useful enhancements that will improve Redmine usability: ability to replace the standard preloader that blocks the entire page; ability to...

By Team



User CSV Import Plugin

I update the "User import plugin" for Redmine 1.1.0.

I make Redmine CSV User Import Plugin.

Inspired and Forked by

By hiroyuki SHIRAKAWA


User Group custom filed type

= Custom user fields - Redmine Plugin

== Feature

  • Add 'Role of' to custom filed of user type.
  • Add 'Group of' to custom filed of user type.

The custom field can be defined by either of the above options.


By Rupesh J



User mentions

Plugin allows to mention user in any rich-text field of Redmine.

  • You will be able to mention user by typing part of his name, surname or user login and selecting the desired user from the drop down list.
  • When used together with...

By Team



User Profiles

This plugin lets you add your profile to user page with wiki format.

By Haruyuki Iida


User statuses

Allows users of the redmine instance to post what they are doing. Provides a status page where you can see the last update of every user and links to their complete history. Also provides an rss feed of the last hundred updates posted.

By Brandon F.


User-Specific Theme

This plugin allows users to set Redmine themes in their account settings. The selected theme will be displayed for the user regardless of the system-wide theme settings.

The plugin adds the Theme setting to the user account. If the Theme setting...

By Developer


Userlist as custom field


Allows using a dropdown list of Redmine users as a custom field.


By Victor Dulepov



Users Performance

Users Performance, a redmine plugin that graphically shows the time entries of users.

By Alperen Bozkurt


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