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19:24 Redmine Help: Email replies work for forums but not issues
I have email receiving working using IMAP fetching of emails. Replies to forums work fine, but replies to issues do n...


07:19 Redmine Help: RE: Configure LDAP from command line
Found my own answer, I think. It appears that the auth_sources table in the database is where the ldap server inform...
05:43 Redmine Help: Configure LDAP from command line
I am trying to provision and configure Redmine using Ansible (to make this a reproducible thing). One detail that I ...


17:42 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine not working properly from a subdirectory
Yes, that is the bug--thanks. I tried the solution in your link and still end up with either the js/css working or t...
17:09 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine not working properly from a subdirectory
Tested on 2.0.3. I get the same problem. Adding ...


12:51 Redmine Open discussion: Add repository to project from command line
I'd like to script new project creation, git repository creation, and adding the git repository to the project. Usin...


18:34 Redmine Feature #10417 (New): Add repository to project
I am looking for a way to script project creation. The steps include:
# create initial git repository (using stan...


16:55 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Subprojects
Yes. Just make a new project. There is a dropdown on the new project page that allows you to choose a parent projec...


13:43 Redmine Open discussion: redmine with many projects
I have used redmine before for some smaller sets of projects, but I am looking to use redmine for a small bioinformat...


15:31 Redmine Help: RE: personal redmine use, many projects
One redmine instance is what we set up. Redmine allows very fine-grained access controls, including making projects ...

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