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Added by Curtis Stewart almost 16 years ago

Is there a way to copy an existing wiki page to a new page?

We are trying to document our software project requirements and test cases in the project wiki. The simple reason is to allow multiple people to create and fix the items as we go along. To help, I have built some templates that can be used to make sure that we capture the data in a consistent format. We then just create issues to test the cases referencing the wiki pages. Works slick.

Since I have the formats, the only way I see that I can copy it to a new page is to cut and paste it into the new page. I would be simpler if I had an "include", "copy from" or some similar function.

Am I missing something?

I am aware that has changes occur to the format the old pages will not reflect the changes, but then neither to the paper versions I am doing currently.

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RE: Copy a Wiki page - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

Way A:
  1. Edit page to copy
  2. Copy all content
  3. Create target page and paste content
  4. You're done
Way B:
  1. Search for existing feature request or fill a new one
  2. Wait for its implementation into trunk
  3. Copy the page
  4. You're done


RE: Copy a Wiki page - Added by Curtis Stewart almost 16 years ago

Thanks. At least I know that I did not missing something.

I will turn in a feature request.

Have a good one.