Voting for version 1.0

Added by Lars P. over 14 years ago

I would like to suggest to have some kind of voting system for the features to be implemented in version 1 of Redmine.
When I look in the forum I see 882 issues form where many has the "+1" which apparently should mean "I want this too" But this is quite random and does not give an accurate representation of what the users would like to see.

I respect Jean Philippes sole right to decide what should or should not be implemented, but there is a tremendous amount of brainpower in the forums that have brilliant ideas of that a version one should be. Why don´t utilize this in a formalized matter.
I noticed there was a "Vote plugin" would it be an idea to use this, to shread light of what the users deem as killer features?


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RE: Voting for version 1.0 - Added by Kamil . over 14 years ago

I agree. And this is another reason for incorporating the voting mechanism into Redmine.

RE: Voting for version 1.0 - Added by Brian DeVries over 14 years ago

+1 :-P

In seriousness, though, I definitely agree that the 1.0 release would be a good opportunity to integrate the voting plugin into Redmine on this site (possibly into Redmine proper?) so that when the issues / features are chosen for the 1.0 release, the desires of the community can be more easily and clearly taken into account. In my mind, a 1.0 release says that "this is a complete product, not lacking anything critical, ready for general-purpose consumption." Obviously there will be more work to be done after that point, but to really have a sense of a "1.0 release," it's important to take into account the features that will make Users view the software as a complete product. It is also important to know how many issues are widely experienced (or features that are widely desired) to know how far the project is from that magical point. A voting system would help on both these fronts.

RE: Voting for version 1.0 - Added by Andrea Denzler over 13 years ago

+1 for the Voting plugin/feature in the RedMine project. There are now over 1500 new Feature Issues for RedMine!

But a simple workaround could be to show a column with the count of the (unique) users that posted a comment/note for each feature. A sort of HOT Feature List.

RE: Voting for version 1.0 - Added by Muntek Singh over 13 years ago

Problem is, nobody but JPL has access to The rest of us developers can't make any real changes here, and have limited permissions.

Good luck contacting JPL!

The best thing to do would be to figure out some way to workaround this and do it via a wiki page or some external system.