Added by Hauke Ingmar Schmidt almost 14 years ago

it looks like the Redmine-Mylyn-Connector project is quite dead ( ).

For me the IDE integration is quite essential, giving me a huge productivity boost. So is there another way to connect Eclipse/Mylyn and Redmine? There was a generic Mylyn web connector aeons ago which seemed to be the first method to connect these. But this is non-existing any more.

Thank you.

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RE: Redmine-Mylyn-Connector - Added by Łukasz Jąder about 6 years ago

Hi, I second Adrian's comment - those are the best places to get both
Eclipse plugin and Redmine server-side plugin.

I hope you will still use Redmine with Eclipse - both are pretty awesome :)

RE: Redmine-Mylyn-Connector - Added by Kamil . about 6 years ago

I'm surprised (positively) that this project is still alive! Does it work with the latest Redmine and Eclipse Oxygen?

RE: Redmine-Mylyn-Connector - Added by Charlie Mordant about 6 years ago

Yes, the latest fork is working well :-)

RE: Redmine-Mylyn-Connector - Added by Martin Kempe almost 3 years ago

my company is now going to Redmine 4.0.7. We are using the latest Eclipse 2020-09.
It seems there is no working Redmine-Mylyn-Connector any more.
Can anybody confirm this?