Plugin for members nicknames?

Added by Derek Montgomery over 14 years ago

Hi folks,

I wondered if anyone knew about or wanted to code a little plugin that would allow to add nicknames to members and display it on pages where regular names appear.
I work with an online community but every one is known by their nickname, so instead of displaying Firstname Lastname, I'd like to have Firstname 'Nickname' Lastname to ease understanding of who does what...

Does anyone have time/will to code such a thing?

Thanks a bunch!

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RE: Plugin for members nicknames? - Added by Felix Schäfer over 14 years ago

You can configure Redmine to show either the nickname, or different combinations of first and last name. If you really want "first name" "nickname" "last name", I could point you to what files you'd need to patch for that, but a basic understanding of ruby and/or rails would be beneficial so that you could support the patch through upgrades.