conditional custom fields?

Added by Gerry Hawkins about 12 years ago


I did not see anything when I searched for this so here goes ...

Does Redmine have built in support for conditional custom fields? By this I mean one custom field that is related to another and has it's content dependant on the first field. So if I had a custom field that is a list for the particular code module, say animation, rendering, modelling, I could have another custom field which is also a list, called submodule that would have different values based on the module fields setting. e.g. if the module field is animation then submodule contains IK, frame rate; if it is rendering then submodule would contain lights, cameras; etc.

Or is done differently in an existing Redmine workflow, or is this a case of DIY. I am evaluating 0.9.4.stable locally.


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RE: conditional custom fields? - Added by Felix Schäfer about 12 years ago

Nothing like that, sorry.

You could make a list custom field with "M1 - Submodules 1", "M1 - Submodule 2", "M2 - Submodule 1" and so on.

RE: conditional custom fields? - Added by Bruno Samora almost 12 years ago

I have the exactly the same need.

Unfortunatelly the list I need to handle is to big, so I can't use the "M1 - Submodule 1" approach.
Do you know any other alternative?