Completely private projects?

Added by Elroy Jetson almost 11 years ago

Hi there,
I was wondering if Redmine was capable of keeping a project completely private. I have an existing installation of 1.1 and with that version, although it's possible to make a project private, registered users can still see that it exists.

I'd like to know if 1.2.x is capable of only showing each user the projects to which they have a role in (plus the public projects). I want to have multiple private projects with each user group having no knowledge of the other private projects.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Completely private projects? - Added by Leonardo Sena almost 11 years ago

Thats based on their permissions, you allowed them to view or edit issues, remove that and it will completely disapear.

If they are subprojects you cant hide it completely, but you can hide the roadmap and issues from displaying to everybody.