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21:11 Redmine Feature #1605: Activity page to remember user's selection of activities
+1 Leonardo Sena


13:35 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Completely private projects?
Thats based on their permissions, you allowed them to view or edit issues, remove that and it will completely disapea... Leonardo Sena


19:45 Redmine Feature #9176 (Closed): Suggestion. File Attachment on News
I noticed that the News module doesnt allow us to attach files to it.
That came to my attention when i wanted to sho...
Leonardo Sena
13:20 Redmine Feature #9174 (Closed): Suggestion - Preview on Documents
Can you guys add the preview feature to documents? I've been using the news page to format the texts before adding th... Leonardo Sena


20:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: The new issue status not appear when adding new issue
You can set the order they show up in the *Workflow* on the admin area.
You can set, for example, that _New_ statu...
Leonardo Sena
20:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Watchers in Redmine
Watchers are like followers, like how you can get sent notifications when someone answers your topic on some forum so... Leonardo Sena
20:09 Redmine Open discussion: RE: read only user in all projects
You can give the privigeles of issue viewing to the default user (non-member), as long as your projects are public, h... Leonardo Sena
20:04 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Project planning in Redmine
You can make a custom field for your clients, and use it as a filter.
Depending on the type of field (numeric, list)...
Leonardo Sena
16:25 Redmine Defect #9161 (Closed): pt-BR field_warn_on_leaving_unsaved has a small gramatical error
On the field _field_warn_on_leaving_unsaved_, there is a small gramatical error on the translation.
>> Alertar-me ...
Leonardo Sena

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