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Added by Thomas R Koll almost 16 years ago

I'm at the euruko right now and Matz in his keynote was asked about this feature suggestions to the next ruby versions and he said there will be a website for and the two opttions he mentioned were trac and redmine. Sounds pretty good :)

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RE: ruby core - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

That's really what we can call a very short list :)
Hoping they'll prefere ruby on ruby ;)

RE: ruby core - Added by Thomas R Koll almost 16 years ago

I totally forgot to ask him again on the party afterwards :-/

One interesting thing from Matz, he's building up a lab in Tokyo, sadly without much budget so anyone who wants to join this lab working on ruby would have to do that on his own expenses.
I think it would be nice to do this in a very small scale, just five people meeting for a week and working full-time on redmine (or anything else). Just like a regular sprint in Scrum and I think the result would be awesome. The jQuery team did that a few weeks ago for two days:
I'd be able to host this event, we have some appartments in Berchtesgaden (that's in Germany and nearest airport is Salzburg) that are available off-season and as my house is next to a saltmine I think "redmine by the saltmine" would a funny name.
The only costs for you would be wasting your holidays and traveling.

Any ideas about that?

RE: ruby core - Added by Jim Mulholland over 15 years ago

Very cool!

I'm glad to see Redmine finally getting the love that it deserves!

I just saw today that the guys from Panic (makers of Transmit and Coda for Mac OS X) have decided to use Redmine which is cool.

RE: ruby core - Added by Thomas Lecavelier over 15 years ago

With the same pleasure, Ruby-spec is run by redmine: