Notifications to Skype?

Added by Ivan Cenov almost 9 years ago

Nowadays, Redmine send notifications to email addresses of the users. However young people tend to use Skype instead. Thus I wonder would it be good Redmine to be able to send notifications to Skype accounts of the users?

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RE: Notifications to Skype? - Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) almost 9 years ago

Hmmm.... perhaps as a plugin, I don't see this in core; businesses I know try not to use skype...
More generally speaking, notifications to IRC would also be interesting - yeah, I'm that old! ;-)

RE: Notifications to Skype? - Added by Alex Alex over 5 years ago

Notification for @user_name, if he mentioned in comments for Skype
With youtrack we can use @user_name for push-notify in slack. Can we do the same in Redmine.

It would be greate to have the same with skype