Redmine slowness

Added by Tiago M over 9 years ago

Hi ! I'm new in this forum and I'd like to know if someone can help, please.

We're using Redmine some years and all is ok. Some days ago the Redmine connection was slow.
When I access the address http://hostname_from_server:3000 it 'freezes' about 15 seconds looking for address. After this delay, all works fine.

I don't know why this delay happens alone.

Someone can suggest what might be wrong, please?
The server was restarted and the problem persist.

Ruby: 1.8.5-19
Redmine: 1.1.3


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RE: Redmine slowness - Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) over 9 years ago

  • Your ruby version is out of support
  • Your redmine version is out of support (over 2 years old)
  • port 3000 makes me think you're using webrick, which is not recommended. Use thin, passenger or puma or ...

RE: Redmine slowness - Added by Jan Stoetzer about 9 years ago

Beside the true fact that you really shouldn't use webrick in a productive environment, this is not the answer here i guess.

I faced the same problem same days ago and figured out that in my case the plugin Mathjax tried to read some data from Amazon cloudfront, from . This takes a while.
So maybe you are using this plugin or another one with a similar (mis)behaviour.

  • One solution is not using such plugins
  • Probably the better solution is using an adblocker (e.g. AdblockPlus for Firebird/Chrome) and block those addresses. They usually can show elements that can be blocked and you can define a filter from it.
  • You could also direct those adresses to localhost in your hosts file, but I don't know whether this will speed anything up.


RE: Redmine slowness - Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) about 9 years ago

OP did not mention plugins - while what you say isn't false and might even apply in this case.
What does apply is that OPs ruby version is outdated, as is OPs redmine version.

RE: Redmine slowness - Added by dj jones about 9 years ago

The OP mentions a Cloudfront object as slow.

My understanding - nothing in core Redmine will hit cloudfront.

So updating Redmine/Ruby seems very unlikley to be a solution.

So to solve that specific slow object, it could be either
  • a plugin running that calls cloudFront
  • that the OP's whole redmine instance has been installed using CloudFront as a 'front end'. And the OP will need to ask his team who set that up, how they did that.

OR something else I can't think of right now.