reposman insert hooks automatically

Added by Todd Nine over 13 years ago

Hi all,
I'm using Reposman to automatically create my subversion repositories and this works really well. Rather than run the script via cron to update the project revisions, I'd rather use the Web service and SVN hooks to call back to redmine on an SVN commit. Is it possible to get Reposman to automatically create a post commit hook to call back to the redmine server? If so, I would do this work, but are there any issues I should be aware of before I start?


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RE: reposman insert hooks automatically - Added by Nicolas Chuche about 13 years ago

Yes it's possible but you need to write your own script to create the repository and use --command to invoke it.

Your script should be something like that :



svnadmin create $REPOS_PATH || exit 1
cp /your/post-commit $REPOS_PATH/hooks/post-commit || exit 1
chmod +x $REPOS_PATH/hooks/post-commit

Carefull, It's untested.

You should find information on how to write the post-commit hook in the forum.