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16:14 Redmine Help: RE: HELP: reposman.rb: invalid option -- e
long command line argument took two "-" instead of one.


20:08 Redmine Feature #3960: Reposman.rb should create Repository even if SCM Module is enabled
> So using Reposman.rb should create Repository even if SCM Module is enabled on project
I don't understand your p...
17:56 Redmine Defect #3958: for git
Yes, I had some success with for git authentication. I tried on ubuntu 9.04 with standard apache, web...


22:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: reposman insert hooks automatically
Yes it's possible but you need to write your own script to create the repository and use --command to invoke it.


21:28 Redmine Patch #2747 (Closed): reposman group set
Patch applied in r2478
20:33 Redmine Revision 2478: Fixed: add group option to set the repository gid. Default is root (#2747)


13:06 Redmine Revision 2464


13:37 Redmine Wiki edit: Repositories_access_control_with_apache_mod_dav_svn_and_mod_perl (#10)
13:01 Redmine Defect #2157 (Closed): Problem in Wiki Page about SVN Setup
> Please updated this soon! This took me the better part of two hours to diagnose until stumbling upon this bug (afte...
12:58 Redmine Wiki edit: Repositories_access_control_with_apache_mod_dav_svn_and_mod_perl (#9)

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