HELP: reposman.rb: invalid option -- e

Added by Renato Oliveira over 12 years ago

Dear all,

I have installed redmine few weeks ago I followed the centos Howto integration.

I am using Centos 5.4
Redmine redmine-0.8.7

I have setup a cronjob: 30 * * * * ruby /opt/redmine-0.8.7/extra/svn/reposman.rb -redmine localhost:3000 -svn-dir /repos -owner apache -url http://localhost/repos/repos -verbose >> /var/log/reposman.log
I believe the erro is coming from there, but I can't see where.

I can access the URL: http://localhost:3000 and navigate through the menus and use redmine with almost all functions.

I am not using SVN at the moment, but will be using it.

not sure where this error is coming from and where to look to figure out how to fix it.

If anyone could help me or point me out to a solution, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much

Best regards


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RE: HELP: reposman.rb: invalid option -- e - Added by Nicolas Chuche over 12 years ago

long command line argument took two "-" instead of one.