Idea for document versioning

Added by Isaac Cruz Ballesteros almost 14 years ago


There's a feature request to add versioning to document management module. Could it be possible to use repository (SVN) instead of filesystem to save attachments, and use its version management? Is there something I have not taken into account?

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RE: Idea for document versioning - Added by Karl Heinz Marbaise almost 14 years ago

the simple answer is, cause not everybody has SVN installed or is willing to use it...cause there exist git, mercurial etc. as well...So the idea to get it basically without an external tool would be good to get not too many dependencies into Redmine...

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Karl Heinz Marbaise

RE: Idea for document versioning - Added by gabriel scolan almost 14 years ago

I agree with Karl about the dependency.
Isaac, one turnaround to comply with your request, could be to comment your document object using a link to the repository of type "source:path/to/my/document". The file field remains empty.
By clicking, you'll be connected to the repository tab and see the history when required.

hope this help